Yon-Ka Eye Creams

Hello Bella Gia Friends! Are you looking for a new eye cream? The skin around your lips and eyes is extremely delicate and requires special attention. Yon-ka has three fabulous eye creams, each targeting a specific need. I have all three and I love them! The Phyto Contour has extracts of rosemary and helps to relieve fatigue and reduce puffiness and dark circles. It also restores firmness to your eyes and lips. I love the feeling of freshness and relaxation for my sad, tired eyes, especially after a late night out. I apply it under and on top on my eyes in the morning.  The Nutri- Contour is considered a “2 in 1” cream as it both nourishes and repairs your eyelids and lips. It has a velvety softness and is rich in vitamins. This is my favorite to prevent dryness and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. It is very hydrating. The Alpha-Contour is a renewing gel and is formulated to smooth wrinkles and fine lines. It also works to hydrate the lip and eye; you can see the visible rejuvenation. I mostly use this cream at night but will rotate it with the nutri- cream depending on what I think my eyes need the most that night. Our lips have the same delicate nature as our eyes, so it is important to use the cream around and on the lips to keep them hydrated and prevent fine lines around the mouth.  After washing your face with your Yon-ka cleanser and lotion (toner), you should apply your eye/lip cream first, and then finish with your night cream or serum. This allows for maximum penetration of the cream. Your skin will thank you!