What’s the fuss on SHELLAC?

So, do you ever find yourself avoiding getting your nails done because you are sure that the next day your polish is going to be chipped? Specially that wonderful French Manicure that you all love, but how tacky does it look once one of the tips chips. Well you think, ” There goes my $25-$30 dollar manicure”. Luckily there is Shellac and at Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa in San Diego we are soo excited to know that your chipped nails will no longer keep you form getting them done. Salons around San Diego have for years been offering Gel manicures to many of their clients, unfortunately a lot of the clients have not been so happy with the results. Sure, that gel manicure lasts longer than your regular polish but at the time of removing clients are left with nails feeling brittle and not so healthy. Well technology has come a long way. Shellac is a gel polish that will give you that amazing lasting polish that you have always wanted and that French Manicure that you love but hate to get because of the chips. Bella Gia’s Salon and Day Spa nail technicians have trained and have the experience working on clients and have acquired the technique to make your nails beautiful and longer lasting. Shellac is a well know brand of Gel polish that does not damage your nail bed and easy to remove with less than 5 minutes with our nail techs. There is a variety of shades to choose from and trust us once you have tried Shellac at Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa you will be hooked.