What is the difference between waxing and sugaring?

Hello Bella Gia Friends! Let’s talk about sugaring, a “sweet” process for hair removal. This technique is not commonly available because it is an art as well as a treatment and requires significant training! You will be amazed at the hand motions and finger dexterity that is required with this treatment. At Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa, we have certified esthetician “sugarists”. We use a sugar “paste” that is completely natural and consists of sugar, lemon juice, guar gum and water blended into a substance that looks and feels like honey. Sugaring can be more effective and less painful than other hair removal processes. The sugar paste is kept at a lukewarm temperature and massaged onto the skin then molded against the direction the hair grows. Using a flicking motion of the hand, the hair is then gently removed in the direction of the natural hair growth. Hair in the early growth stage – as young as 10-14 days – is easily removed with the sugaring process which minimizes irritation, ingrown hairs, and unnecessary discomfort, all while exfoliating and removing dry skin cells. Sugaring can be done from the eyebrows to the toes. The skin will need to be stretched tightly for good results, so you may be asked to help stretch your “parts” for the sugarist. The result is smooth and beautiful skin. After sugaring, we do recommend that you exfoliate regularly to keep your skin smooth, soft and ready for the next treatment.