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Body Treatments


Body Treatments


Blushing Rose Body Treatment (120 min) $239
Lie back and let us restore softness and bliss to your entire body. We start with a body polish to leave you soft and silky. Next, you are cocooned in a European rose body mud and hydrated with a relaxing steam tent. Finally, your tension melts away as we use a delicate rose scented creme to massage your entire body. This treatment includes a 60 min Swedish Massage. Treatment includes Steamy Wonder steam canopy.

The Ultimate Body Treatment (120 mins) $239
Lie back and let us soften and soothe your entire body. We start with a body polish to leave you smooth and silky. Then we cover you in a detoxifying body mud and hydrate you under a spacious, private steam canopy. The service includes a 60 min Swedish massage. Treatment includes Steamy Wonder steam canopy.

Relax Me! – (90 mins) $199
This is a scrub, body wrap and full body massage in one combined luxurious treatment. A deep exfoliation treatment to revive tired, dull skin followed by the rejuvenating body wrap!  Concludes with a 30 mins Swedish Massage. A great treat for the mind and body!

Detoxifying Mud Full Body Wrap- (50 mins) $95
An ultra stimulating and detoxifying wrap treatment! It increases micro circulation, frees skin of environmental stresses and toxins, and softens and smooths skin to improve skin tone. Includes light exfoliation.

Renewal Full Body Scrub – (45 mins)  $85
A deep exfoliation treatment. Revives tired, dull and dehydrated skin. This treatment will reveal younger looking skin and leave you feeling refreshed.

Bella Gia’s Got Your Back – (60 mins)  $125
Treat your back! This unique treatment includes a cleansing scrub and warm detoxifying mud pack for your back while we massage head, neck, legs and arms, followed by a 30 min back massage.

Aromatherapy Full Body Scrub and Wrap (80 mins) $170
An amazing treatment that begins with exfoliation of the entire body followed by the application of a smoothing body mud in your choice of scents. Finally your body is cocooned in a warm wrap to allow deeper penetration of the body mud. Tension is lifted away as we finish with a head and shoulder massage to soothe the mind and body.


Simply Steam (15 mins)— $25
A great add on to any Massage!!  Steam therapy treatment with scalp massage. Relax on the massage table under a spacious, private steam canopy, while you receive an intensive scalp massage. A cold wrap is placed around your neck to draw the heat from your body, while the scalp massage relieves stress, promotes relaxation and improves your mood through the increased production of endorphins and serotonin.

Bella Gia Signature Steam Treatment (30 min) – $75
Amazing steam treatment using detoxifying herb therapy, includes cold stone facial massage. After a dry brush exfoliation, relax on the massage table under a spacious, private steam canopy. Cold marble stones are used to massage your face, around the temples, forehead, neck, and upper back to restrict blood vessels, reduce inflammation, and assist with circulation.  Your skin will look refreshed, less puffy and fully hydrated.

Steamy Wonder Disclaimers:
1. Do not give steam therapy to pregnant clients.
2. Due to the increase in cardiovascular activity brought on by heat, steam therapy is not recommended for those who have high blood pressure, heart disease, or other cardiovascular problems.
3. Do not give steam therapy to clients who are extremely frail, sick, or elderly.
4. Drink at least 8-10 ounces of water before and after your treatment

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