Train to 2013 HairTrends

Dying to get on the hottest hairstyles trend train this 2013? Bella Gia Salon and Spa in San Diego can help!  Our talented hairstylists can help you get a head start !  First read about some of the hottest trends to look for. Braids are making their strongest comeback ever, the ombre, splashes of color and shorter styles are on the top of the beauty world. The shorter hairstyles will for sure having one of their biggest moments ever. So if you are thinking about trying  a new style for this new year, now will be the perfect time to try it. 2012 is close to an end but not for braids!  That look will not be going away, you will be able to have tons of fun with them if it is a sidebraid, swept across the crown or why not individual braids, you cant  go wrong. Playing with color? A bold color? Try a style that features a bold long streak of color such as purple, red, magenta, teal or maybe only dip your ends for a playful yet classy ombre effect. Want to vbe even bolder try dying your bangs for a truly intense look. So many of the trents from 2012 are making that comeback or are being updated with a flip flop motion, a great example the reverse ombre, yes!!! you loved the ombre, and you will die for the reverse ombre. Call Bella Gia Salon and let us help you find the great new Fall hair trend that is perfect for you!