Think of Your Hair’s Health with the Brazilian Blowout in San Diego

Think of Your Hair’s Health with the Brazilian Blowout in San Diego2011-07-20T18:38:57+00:00

Are you looking for smoother hair? Is your hair prone to frizziness and waviness that you do not want? If so, you likely want to have your hair smoothed and straightened. But some salons have harsh chemical treatments that can do damage to your hair if performed and applied on a frequent basis. The Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa understands this, and this is why we offer the Brazilian Blowout – a safe, natural solution to frizziness that straightens your hair while supplying nutrients to it.

The Brazilian Blowout solution we use in our salon is an innovative treatment that professionally smooths your hair without stripping it of its nutrients or reducing its level of health. The Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex works with our proprietary polymer system to make your hair even healthier. A protein layer is created, protecting the hair and eliminating the frizz that is bothering you. The cuticle is smoothed, and your hair is left with a smooth, straight, natural look. No damage is done to your hair, and no harsh chemicals are used. The results of the Brazilian Blowout are long-lasting, too: the results can stay in your hair for up to 12 weeks. You can wash and dry your hair all you want from the second you step out of our salon, and your hair will stay straight and beautiful! And the whole treatment only takes 90 minutes to complete.

If you are looking for a solution to your chronically frizzy hair that will last a long time without damaging your hair, look to the Brazilian Blowout in Bella Gia Salon & Day Spa. No longer do you need to sacrifice the quality and health of your hair for a particular look. Now, you can enjoy straight, shiny, and healthy hair.