The Importance in Daily Facial Cleansing

The one sentence that will make any esthetician cringe is “Well, I don’t really wash my face

Nothing will give us a little baby heart attack quicker than those few simple words and here’s why. Cleansing your skin is the foundation for the over all health of your skin. Not washing it allows the dirt, debris, and over all pollution of the day to sink into your pores making them appear larger, weigh down the skin making fine lines and wrinkles more apparent, allows dead skin to build up and become compact blocking in sebum causing breakouts and inflammation, in return inflammation causes pigmentation. When washing your skin you are sweeping away all the dirt, debris, and pollution loosening up the dead skin cells to be exfoliated away and in return giving your skin a nice textural and visual appearance.



Adding a cleanser to your daily routine takes only a few minutes but makes a huge difference! Here’s a general rule for choosing the correct cleanser for you, when your skin is on the dry side look at milky and creamy cleansers, they will clean the skin without stripping it of the natural oils. For skin on the more oily side look at gel cleansers, the gel base will pick up extra oils the skin produces through out the day. Here at Bella Gia Salon and Day  Spa we carry two amazing different product lines Yon-ka Paris and PCA (physicians care alliance) both have amazing options for cleansers for all skin types. Like all home regimen products it’s always a good idea to consult with your esthetician before purchasing an item.