The Benefits of Massage

We have all know someone who tells us about how massage therapy or even standard massages have helped them recover from such and such an injury or chronic muscle pain etc. Most of us know at least one person who swears by massages. While it is unquestionable that a massage will make us feel better, more relaxed, pampered and stress free, a lot of clients and even our friends and family often ask us if there are any real benefits to getting a professional massage?

 The efficacy of the massage is actually something that has been studied almost ad nauseum by researchers around the world under a range of circumstances and for a multitude of conditions. While a small percent of studies find that massage is little more than a means to release dopamine and other feel good chemicals, a large majority of medical experts, psychologists, and researchers conclude that the massage is something that offers both mental and physical health benefits.

More recent studies have estimated that 90% or more of the disease experienced by modern man is stress related. Stress results directly in immune system and circulatory problems, dietary problems, and even breathing problems like asthma. Stress is held responsible for depression, mania, anger, anxiety and even extreme conditions like paranoia and schizophrenia. This is precisely why massage has long been touted as an efficient method of treatment for so many physical and psychological ailments.

 What Can Massages Help?

Our regular patrons all come for different reasons; some for pain management, some for pampering, and some for a regular escape. Clients report relief a number of physical and mental ailments. The massages at Bella Gia Spa can provide stress relief and anxiety management, promote better sleep and increased energy during the day and improved circulation and concentration.

Patients who experience back and muscle pain, joint pain, cramps, and migraines often find effective and long lasting relief through regular massage. Massage is also a standard for athletes and patients with circulation issues, and has been shown to help in recovery from surgery and other injuries. Some experts believe that massage can improve lymph function and improve the overall function of the immune system.

 If you are considering massage as a supplement or alternative to medicine or medical treatments, contact our therapists for more information about the professional quality massages or to make an appointment today.