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Get Ready For Your Special Day!

Wedding season is just around the corner! What better way to get any wedding planning started then knowing you’ve booked the right appointment for your hair, makeup, and better yet what a great feeling to have when your all stressed out and you get to relax in our day spa with a relaxing massage or [...]

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Keep Your Skin Hydrated In Dry Weather

It's red flag warning weather here in sunny San Diego which we all know can be dangerous for or city but what about our skin? I have heard so many people complain about the feeling of tight and dry skin, from clients coming into the salon, co-workers, and even my own family and friends. Stop [...]

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Still Getting Break Outs and Don’t Know Why?

Are you following your home care regimen and faithfully following your product routine and still getting break outs? In addition to getting regular facials at our day spa here are a few little tips to help you out!   Wash your make-up brushes!      In brushes that have not been cleaned it's an easy [...]

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The Importance in Daily Facial Cleansing

The one sentence that will make any esthetician cringe is “Well, I don’t really wash my face” Nothing will give us a little baby heart attack quicker than those few simple words and here’s why. Cleansing your skin is the foundation for the over all health of your skin. Not washing it allows the dirt, [...]

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Professional Facial versus Home Regimine

Something that is a common mind set for people is viewing coming in for professional treatments and using products at home as an “either/or” situation rather than viewing them as a team! When striving for healthy skin you need to come in for regular professional treatments and keep up your skin in between. Regular treatments [...]

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What is a Facial?

Through the constant interaction with clients there’s many frequently asked questions one of the most common ones with skin care is “What is a facial exactly?” I decided to put myself in the clients shoes and google search the question. After looking at the  very first answer, which is usually as far as all of  [...]

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We won San Diego’s A List

Hello Bella Gia Friends! We are so excited to report that we won San Diego's Best of A List - Best Day Spa, Best Hair Salon and took 3rd place in Best Massage!  This was our 2nd year in a row to WIN BEST DAY SPA (2013 and 2014). In 2013, we placed 3rd for [...]

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Relax with a Day at the Spa

Hello Bella Gia Friends! Need some time away from the children, work and the stress of everyday life? Come spend a day at the spa with us! We have several great packages and if you don't see the exact package for you, then let us customize something for you. Our most common package is the [...]

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Las Vegas Hair and Spa Show

Hello Bella Gia friends! This month we went to the Las Vegas International Beauty Show and the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference! It is always fun to get some of the team together in Vegas to have fun and learn about the latest trends in hair and beauty. Popular trends in hair extensions, the [...]

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Best Facial in San Diego

We receive calls every day asking "what type of facial is best for my skin"? The good news is that the products in each of our facials are tailored to your specific skin needs (oily or dry) and our one-on-one consultations with your skin care professional are designed to help you reach your skin care [...]

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