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I’m sure your asking yourself what is stylescapes. Stylescapes is a brand new technique created by Moroccan Oil. Today we had the privilege of hosting other Salons and Stylist from around the San Diego area for the Moroccan Oil education class on these new hand crafted styles.

These styles are 25-minute blow outs that are set in a meticulous way that after it is cooled and let down you will achieve one of 4 specifically designed looks: The Sahara, The Casablanca, The Vienna, & The Ibiza.  Each look can still be personalized to your face shape and hair type still achieving a stylish look that suits your features.  Along with being personalized there are upgrades that can customize the look as well. So even if you love the Sahara for your every day blow dry you can still upgrade that blow out for a little special something on special occasions.

Each of these styles come with instructions for the next 2 days with product cocktail suggestions and an easy simple style for day 3. To give your hair style longevity, making mornings simple by taking out the thinking in doing your hair.

These Premium Blow-outs are an amazing option for someone who either doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands or never knows what to do with their hair.

Stylescapes will be coming soon to Bella Gia Salon & Day Spa. For more information ask your stylist or call the front desk for info (619) 297-7601!

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