Spark your Hair with Color NOT Commitment!

Have you thought of adding a dash of fabulous to you your hair but is super scared of damaging you lovely mane with chemicals. Or maybe you are thinking of highlighting your hair but are not sure that you are in for the long haul or commit to it? Well, there is a great way to use extensions and have the fun dash of color in your hair without the chemicals? Adding flashes of color to your hair, without dying it. So, maybe you want some blonde chunks, but don’t want to bleach it, or some funky color, but don’t want to fully commit. Have a few extensions put in to your hair in as an accent. This can definitely be done by using, classic bonded extensions, micro-tubes, or clip-ins. The clip-ins are perfect for teens who aren’t allowed to color their hair, or wear funky colors to school. They just snap in when you want them, snap out when you don’t. The micro-tubes are so easy to maintain and are very affordable wether you want just s few strands here and there or a full on head you and the stylist decide. Such an innovative way to add fun to hair without changing your color or damaging with chemicals. Try it! it should definitely spark some funk in your hair!