San Diego hair salon

It doesn’t take too much research to find the best hair salon in San Diego. But it’s not always easy to put your hair in the hands of a new stylist. Ease your concerns by taking time to explore your options. While we can’t recommend the world-class stylists at Bella Gia Salon highly enough, this entry is designed to help you make an informed decision regarding the salon that will fit you best.

If you are taking good care of your hair, you may only need to see a professional stylist every other month or so. Still it’s important for you to choose the right salon because over time you will be spending a lot of time in their care. That’s why it’s important to find a salon where you feel comfortable.

 Visit The Prospective Salon

Find out everything you can about the salon you are considering. Don’t just make an appointment to get your hair done. Visit the salon first. Observe the atmosphere. See if the salon has regular clients and how their hair looks when they’re through. We are confident that after a visit to Bella Gia Salon you will know for sure that our stylists are among the world’s best.

If the salon is busy and the customers are happy, it can speak volumes about the salon and the services they offer. Check the place for cleanliness. Notice if hair is left on the floor after a stylist finishes cutting a customer’s hair. See if the workstations are well kept or are if they have seen better days. A good hair salon should be well organized and have a well-maintained appearance.

Most salons have a board on the wall that lists the costs for various services. Pay attention to the overall atmosphere. You want a place that has a relaxed feeling and friendly stylists.

Ask Questions

After you find a salon that meets your criteria, start asking questions. Find out if there is a price difference between the new and more experienced stylists. A good salon will charge more for the services of a seasoned stylist. If all stylists are paid the same, it could indicate the salon is not hiring quality staff.

Ask if the salon has a cancellation policy. Some salons will charge a fee for missed appointments. The more successful salons don’t do this because they have so much business that it won’t hurt their profits if one customer doesn’t show up.

Meet the Stylist

Meet the stylist before you schedule an appointment. Speak with the stylist who will be doing your hair and find out the their specialties. It’s important to know that the stylist is someone you can get along with. Finally it is important to trust your instinct – while you can do all the research in the world sometimes it comes down to the feeling you get when you find a stylist that your hair knows is perfect for you.