PUREOLOGY: Perfect 4 Platinum,

Platinum Hair, oh so desirable and achievable, but does your Platinum look healthy and radiant day after day?? We all know how stressful it is to have that Platinum hair everyone desires.Your hair, it plays a huge part on your everyday styling routine. But honestly most of the time having platinum blond hair, that is not well kept does not complete your outfit.  Think of your hair as the focal point of your outfit you have the right outfit and the perfect shoes but your hair, yeah its Platinum but fried and dull looking. Thanks to PUREOLOGY a leading brand in shampoos, conditioners and hairs styling products their is now a solution for fragile, highlighted and high lifted hair. At Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa in San Diego they have introduced PERFECT 4 PLATINUM,  its a new line of hair products from PUERELOGY that help you maintain and rebuilt you Platinum Blond hair to look as radiant and fresh as the day you left the salon. You can find the complete line of Perfect 4 Platinum at Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa the line complete with shampoo, conditioner a conditioning mask treatment and a miracle filler treatment. these products have the antidafe complex that helps maintain your color fresh and locked in, meaning that it will not fade.  With 100% Vegan ingredients these products are sure to help you hair look its best this summer so that you your outfit the perfect shoes and that gorgeous.