Prepare for Hair Color Service

How can I prepare my hair for a color change?
I get this question a lot from clients coming in to change their hair color. Everyone wants to be able to prevent damage to their hair when making a change, whether it’s to cover greys or reinvent your look, over processing your hair by bleaching or dying it, it’s best to understand ways to help prevent the damage. Here are some tips on how to do so!

1) Use salon recommend shampoos and conditioners that are made specifically for color treated hair and applying a deep conditioning mask once a week will help protect the color. Color treated shampoos and conditioners are gentle and won’t strip the moisture from your hair.

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2) Give your hair a trim prior to the color. Removing the split ends will help you keep your hair healthy in the long run.

3) Try alternating weekly deep conditioning treatments with a protein treatment. Protein fills cracks in the hair cuticle to make it smooth, which makes the hair stronger and shinier. But be careful not to apply protein treatments more than once every 1 to 2 weeks, since it can make your hair feel brittle.

4) Skip washing your hair before coloring. The scalps natural oils work as a buffer to prevent irritation that can be caused from coloring it. Dirty hair is easier to section and ensures even color distribution.

5) Steer clear of the pool! Chlorine strips away the hair cuticle, allowing minerals in the water to get into the hair shaft and alter your color. Steer clear for about 2 weeks prior and after dying your hair.

Hope this helps you prepare for your next transformation or just a quick fix up! Check back soon foe more hair tips!