Our Treatment of The Month is the Brazilian Blowout

While a few years ago, no one had even heard of the Brazilian Blowout, it is now one of our most popular, most requested, and most cherished hair treatments. The response we experience from clients after they try the Brazilian Blowout just once is amazing. Those of you who have tried it seem to want to share it with everyone you meet and we see numerous clients come in on referral from prior clients every month.

 If You Haven’t Heard of The Brazilian Blowout You May Be Wondering…

 The Brazilian Blowout is a revolutionary treatment that was developed to provide nutrients, healing, and smoothing for frizzy and unruly hair. What’s most amazing is that the Brazilian Blowout is such a beneficial treatment that it can provide improved health for clients who have had perms, relaxes, and color treatments, reduce frizz, and manage volume. Many of our clients who once used relaxers to manage their tangles now use the Brazilian Blowout exclusively. Other clients have found that they can lock in more vivid color for longer by having the Brazilian Blowout along with their color treatments.

The Brazilian Blowout nourishes the scalp and the hair from the follicle to the root and is the only professional smoothing treatment that can improve the health of hair while providing the results clients want. Whether come with curly or frizzy hair and seek straightening, or with straight, dry, or damaged hair and want repair, the Brazilian Blowout can offer a number of improvements for a number of hair types. By adding a nourishing and protective protein coat to the hair shaft and nurturing frayed cuticles, the Brazilian Blowout may be exactly the treatment you need to help your hair through the dryer winter or to manage the rigors of an active daily life.

The Bella Gia Salon in East Mission Valley is one of the few places in San Diego that offers the treatment but with products like the Acai After-Care Maintenance system patients can experience improvements that last for as long as 3 months or more.

Contact the Bella Gia Salon today to ask about the Brazilian Blowout. Give your hair the professional pampering it needs and a look and feel that will make your friends and family ask how your hair looks so healthy.