Kind Words From a Client

Last week we received wonderful compliments from one of our lovely clients of the past four years. She had stopped in to buy some of her travel size moroccan oil hair sprays  before one of her many trips. While in she stayed to chat with us, and shared stories about her many trips she has gone on  and how she has been to many spa’s around the world, but now when on vacation skips going to the spa and waits till she’s back home to get massages with us! From many travels through out the years she has been to many different spas between different hotels, countries, and cruise lines,  and had many lovely things to say about these other salon’s and spa, like how she loves some of their  other amenities but the massages she has received here are just as great and sometimes even better at a fraction of the price!  For the amazing customer services, top of line services, and great atmosphere, at an amazing unbeatable price we are definitely the best!

We love hearing wonderful feed back from our clients! It truly is one of our favorite things to hear and read your comments! If there is a comment or story you would like to share with us about your salon and spa experience you can always contact us through our email, many social media accounts (Facebook, instagram, pinterest) or by leaving reviews on Yelp or Google, or like our client last week contact us directly in person!