Jessie B.

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Jessie joined the Bella Gia team in 2016, he has been in the industry for 5 years and has been a certified massage therapist since 2013. Jessie came to San Diego from a small mountain town, and fell in love with the attitude and vibrant culture. He graduated from The International Professional School of Bodywork with specialization in Deep Tissue Sculpting, Table Thai, reflexology, and circulatory massage. He is also trained in sensory re-patterning and lymphatic drainage.

Jessie feels that everyone has in them a capacity to heal themselves and that massage is a method for jump starting that process. He also knows that we live in a highly stressful world with work that demands long hours in unhealthy postures.

He sees his work as a way to offer a zone far away from the outside world where there is peace and fulfillment. Jessie’s favorite treatment to perform is the Bella Gia Signature massage or as he calls it the “ooshy gooshy massage”  a blend of deep tissue, slow swedish, stretching, and reflexology with essential oils. The goal is to just melt into the table and bring total relaxation. He loves when when clients come out a little loopy.

He’s done some intense work with athletes, healthcare professionals, and the elderly to combat piriformis syndrome, plantars fascitis, and arthritis. It’s tedious and slow work, but very fulfilling to be part of someones health care, and maintenance. Outside of his time at Bella Gia, Jessie enjoys reading, swimming, cooking, and taking my dog to the beach.