How I Found The Perfect Hair Salon In San Diego

It is no secret that women tie their identity to their hair and take pride from a beautiful haircut. If you’ve ever seen a small girl cry after a haircut, you’ve probably realized that this is programmed into us from a young age. Finding the perfect salon, the perfect stylist, and the perfect haircut is crucial to feeling comfortable and confident. This is why it is not uncommon to see women jump from salon to salon until they find the one salon and the one stylist that can cut and style their hair in just the right way. A lot more than can be explained in writing goes into deciding on a permanent stylist and hair salon – whether it’s a feeling or a notion, we all know when we’ve found it.

One method that I always recommend to those seeking a new hair salon is to listen to the advice of friends and family, while they may get on our nerves at times, they are often the ones who are most familiar with our style and the most likely to understand what we need and what looks good on us. Of course even when we are offered a recommendation the only way to truly know whether a particular stylist or hair salon suits us is to take a leap and give them a chance. I have changed stylists and salons as much as anyone I know; I feel like I’ve tried every salon and half of all the stylists in the greater San Diego area and at times I began to feel like a hair salon bandit. Sometimes the best hair salons are hardly listed on the internet, have a small sign if any and only one or two stylists – of course some of the other amazing cuts I have had are from hair salons with fabulous websites, huge signs and high prices.

I would like to say that the salon I visit now is probably the one I have gone to for longer than any other in my whole life. Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa was introduced to me by my good friend Elizabeth, who actually recommended the facility for the wonderful massages and spa services. And while the massages are indeed amazing, what impressed me the most was the professional staff and the beautiful ambiance.

The next time I needed my hair styled I decided to give the salon a chance. I am glad I did. The stylist, a beautiful young girl named Amanda, listened and even asked questions to determine exactly what I wanted. She wasn’t rushed, but she knew what she was doing and the haircut was finished before I knew it. I was so pleased, that I have been coming exclusively to Bella Gia ever since then. I recommend Bella Gia to anyone who wants a great hairstyle and anyone who will listen to a rambling country girl. Sometimes finding the right salon can be a mission and a half and take years, but I suppose if you’re lucky, like I was, sometimes you just fall into it.