Hard Wax

Many times while visiting your esthetician you get the random question of whether you want to be waxed with soft or hard wax?  Sometimes they dont ask, they just wax with either hard or soft wax and you probably don’t even know the difference. Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa estheticians are in love with hard wax and its great benefits. Hard wax shrink wraps around the follicle and doesn’t stick to the skin, making so much easier to remove . It also has a better chance of picking up hair that is growing in a different directions, which is very important to help avoid ingrown hairs, plus it works awesome in moist areas. Specially when getting a Brazilian Wax it really is less painful. When it comes to using Hard Wax is not an easy task but at Bella Gia Salon and Days Spa estheticians got this down to the nitty gritty. Hard wax does take LOTS of practice! and estheticians have to find the wax that works for them because not all are created equal. At Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa in San Diego estheticians are aware of the latest trends and whats new in the industry they all work with Hard Wax and are trained in delivering an outstanding service. So come in and try waxing with Hard Wax.