Get your hair out of your Face!

San Diego has the best weather in the country however a little heat never hurt anybody, right? Unless, you have long hair and tons of it. Luckly at Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa in San Diego, our stylists have some ideas on how to keep your hair looking great so it doesnt become a big, frizzy mess when the temperature and humidity rises. The result? effortless hairstyles that’ll stay off your neck and out of your sweaty face.

  1. The pinned-back and bumped up: this works well with any type of hair wether is curly or straight, you would divide your hair into tow sections, top front and back bottom. Now on the back pat of your hair , you can either do a bun or a French roll. Now for the front, do you want it to be in a bump or pinned to the side? It all depends on how you’re feeling that day.
  2. The slicked back look: if you have curly and you relaxed it or blowed it out the summer heat threatens to sweat out your straight locks. An awsome way to avoid this from happening would be to easily try The slicked-back hairstyle, which also happens to be this season’s look. The style is so easy to achieve and keeps hair off your face while giving you some leeway if your texture happens to thicken due to sweltering temperatures. It’s also versatile as you can wear it sleek and straight or add some volume to the crown of your hair.
  3. The “ I make this look easy” ‘do: At times the little than less perfect style can actually turn out nicely. So once you curls or fresly blown hair starts to loosen, look for thin headband or you can even use o scarf. So spray some oil sheen spray and you are done its that simple.