Finding the Best Hair Salon in San Diego

Moving is a hassle! In addition to all the physical work, once you get to your new location, you have to start over finding great new service people!  A new doctor, dentist, bank and most importantly, a great new hair salon!  It is difficult for women to trust someone new with something as precious as their hair! In San Diego there are many great hair salons, but you have to do some work to find the right place for you!  We recommend that you start by asking your neighbors, co-workers and friends!  A personal recommendation is always the best!  We have even asked people at restaurants or malls who does your hair?!?!  Once you get some San Diego Hair Salon names, look them up online, check out their website and/or see if there are any client reviews.  Lastly, go visit the hair salon personally, ask to meet the manager or owner and do a consultation, most San Diego Hair Salons will do consultations for free!  That gives you a great opportunity to see if you “click” with the new stylist!  Start slowly and do a cut first, then try color.  You will build trust with your new salon and stylist and eventually you will be glad you moved!