Embrace Your Naturally Curly Locks!

There are many interesting facts about naturally curly hair, understanding that not all curly hair  is created equal and the most common one, individuals with curly hair don’t usually like it, and those who have straight would love to have curls, oh my what a dilemma. Naturally curly is very catchy in the public eye and many woman would die to have been born with naturally curly hair. If you have naturally curly hair you don’t have to  use styling products if you are not a big fan of them, but having curly hair does usually require some type of styling products on a regular basis. Gels and pomades help create a defined curl. Mousse is a lighter product that helps tame frizziness.  Brushing your curly hair will always result in frizziness. Stylist do recommend that you use a wide-tooth comb or a hair pick instead to comb curls. If using a blow dryer, stop when your hair is still slightly damp. If too much heat is directed to the hair it can create unruliness and dreaded frizz. The trick is to use enough styling products to make your curls behave without using too much to make your curls too stiff. Use a blow dryer to give curls a lift from your scalp using a diffuser and mist your roots with hairspray. See, with extra tender care naturally curly doesn’t have to be a pain in your daily routine, embrace it and make the best of it other are individual out there are paying crazy amounts of money to have the curls that you rock!