CND Shellac Nail Polish

Hello Bella Gia Friends!  We wanted to share one of our favorite products…CND Shellac Nail Polish! It is a gel polish that is cured under a light so that you leave with dry, shiny nails that won’t chip for up to 14 days!  Not everyone applies or removes this polish correctly so here is the scoop! The nail must be properly cleaned and treated before the CND Shellac base coat is applied and cured. Some places use a knock off base coat – this can be a problem when it comes to removing the polish. You want to make sure your nails are properly cleaned and that only the CND Shellac base coat is applied. Then we apply 2 separate coats of the polish, curing each one, and lastly apply the CND Shellac top coat.   After the polish is applied and cured, then your nail technician will wipe the nails with an alcohol swab and voila, beautiful, dry, shiny nails!  The curing process adds about 15 mins to your manicure service. To remove the polish, we simply wrap your nails in foil with acetone. The nail polish will “soak off”.  You should never need a drill to remove Shellac. When knock-off products are used, it makes the removal much more difficult and may possibly damage the nail. Shellac is constantly coming out with new colors, so there is always something fun to try. I have been using Shellac for about 3 years now and I simply LOVE it!