Check Out The Bella Gia Salon’s Brazilian Blowout Treatment For Your Hair

The Brazilian Blowout is one of your newest and most popular hair treatments. Many of our customers still ask what it is and we understand that the name doesn’t exactly present a clear picture of the product as something that would be helpful to the hair and scalp.

The Brazilian Blowout is actually an incredibly beneficial treatment for the hair and scalp. It nourishes hair and is actually the only professionally available smoothing treatment on the market that improves hair health.


The Brazilian Blowout, professional smoothing treatment can reduce frizz and frayed cuticles and also adds a protective protein layer to the shaft of the hair. Those with curly hair who regularly straighten and those who regularly color should be interested to know that the Brazilian Blowout can provide strength and nourishment to even chemically treated and enhanced hair. The process can repair the hair cuticle and we often recommend the Brazilian Blowout immediately after color treatment to, not only improve the condition, but to help seal in the color. The treatment may also be able to help hair retain color and permanent results longer.


At the Bella Gia Salon, one of the few places you can find the Brazilian Blowout in the San Diego area, the Brazilian Blowout can be administered in one ninety-minute treatment. Patients will experience radiant shine for as long a 3 months and we offer and recommend an at home Acai After-Care Maintenance product that can help the hair retain the effects of the Brazilian Blowout for even longer. If you often go for relaxers or straighteners, talk to our stylists about the Brazilian Blowout. It can give offer gorgeous and natural hang and movement and the effects and can actually improve the quality of your hair rather than damaging it.


The Bella Gia is a local salon offering professional services, including the Brazilian Blowout and a full line of professional quality aftercare products. Find the perfect style with the Brazilian Blowout, and find a style that looks fresh out of the salon everyday. Visit the Bella Gia Salon & Day Spa at San Diego’s Promenade Luxury Apartments on Station Village Lane.