Benefiting from a Body Wrap

Body wraps have shown a hight demand in Spas due to the many benefits attached to the. Mud wraps are great not so much for weight loss but for relaxation. There are several types of body wraps that either use algae, seaweed, mud or clay, these are detoxifying wraps that help your body get rid of toxins through metabolic stimulation. The mud wraps help remove toxins from the body but also provide skin care benefits and its a great way to soften and improve you skin tone. You might think that wraps cost a fortune, well you are wrong you don’t have top spend an arm and a leg to treat your body and skin. The mud wrap is a treatment  that uses sea mud or clay. The mud is then applied on the entire body and either sheets or bandages are used to cover the entire body. It is very important that prior to the wrap you fully exfoliate. After your whole body has been slathered with either mud, clay or a mask made of seaweed its rinsed off. Then the body warp usually ends with an application of lotion but not with a massage. Leaving you skin soft and with a healthy glow and a beautiful tone.