Balayage Here to Stay!

Balayage Here to Stay!

The Balayage craze is here to stay. While it’s hard to find the exact moment in time when Balayage erupted on to the scene of every hair enthusiast, hair stylist, and hair salons, social medias and portfolios. The origination of the high lighting technique started in France in the 1970s.

As several celebrities transitioned from the harsher predecessor the Ombre to the Balayage so did the general public. Despite range in hair type, texture, color and clientele Balayage has stayed on top for majority of color clients.

Balayage Technique:

Balayage is the French word for “sweeping” . When a balayage technique is performed the stylist hand paints the highlights to the hair with the lightener applied further from the roots than traditional highlights. Balayage can be applied in a variety of tones, hues, and colors to many different hair types and lengths.

Why Balayage is not a fad:

Balayage gives the hairstylist and their client the ability to create a natural, blended, look that can be built from lightly sun-kissed to a more dramatic contrast of dark to light. There is also the customization of upkeep, you can choose to change the base color or keep your natural roots. When a balayage is done properly even as the color grows out it still looks beautiful and kept in between salon freshen ups.

Why we love Balayage:

Living in sunny San Diego, blonding is a constant trend. Balayage gives us and the clients the availability to change up there look through the seasons. No matter how dramatic the change may be it still gives the hair dimension and a natural, effortless look.

Ready for your Balayage –

Transforming our clients hair while maintaining it’s integrity is our number one goal! If you are looking to transform your hair we provide complimentary consultations to all of our first time clients! Consultations are available to book online or by calling us at (619) 297-7601

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